GOTV Efforts Result in Wins for SEIU 721 Endorsed Candidates

After months of SEIU 721 members hosting and attending dozens of COPE Endorsement Town Halls all over Southern California, and volunteering their time at phone banks, precinct walking and other activities, the California Primary was held Tuesday, June 5.
Currently, not all of the races have been finalized but the majority of SEIU 721 endorsed candidates made it through the new open primary system and will be on the ballot in November. 
For the latest results, download this flyer of our endorsed candidates.
There were a few races where the SEIU 721 endorsed candidate did not qualify for the general election. For those races, members will be making recommendations for endorsement at COPE town halls in July and August. Also, for the November election, there will be a mailing of all endorsed candidates and SEIU 721 recommendations for ballot initiatives prior to permanent absentee ballots going out.
There are still thousands of votes left to count statewide and some races are so close that recounts may be triggered, but it’s still a great moment to look back at the work that made victories a reality.
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