The Election Season Starts Now!

As the country continues to recover from the worst recession in recent history, there are some very important decisions that will need to be made by SEIU 721 members this fall.
It’s important that we elect or reelect candidates that believe a strong middle class is crucial to the nation’s recovery.  Equally as important are two California ballot measures; one will support strong public services and we will need to defeat a ballot measure that is aimed at destroying the voice of all union members.
Download the complete list of endorsed candidates and propositions. Endorsed Candidates for Nov 2012.pdf
On November 6, every vote counts and that is why it is important to elect leaders that are committed to helping level the playing field between “the haves and the have nots.” 
The November election is less than 80 days away, SEIU 721 wants to help make sure you are ready.
  • Are you registered to vote or have you moved and need to re-register? Click on register to vote red button on the right or click here.
  • Would you like to have the convenience of voting in your own home and not have to rush to the poll on Election Day? Download a Permanent Absentee Voter form and send it in by October 26.PAV Form and Instructions.pdf
  • Who should you vote for? Download a list of SEIU 721 endorsed candidates and ballot measures.Endorsed Candidates for Nov 2012.pdf

f you want to get more involved with the election and help your community, check back to this site for volunteer opportunities or call the Government Relations Department at 213-368-8602.
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