Housekeepers Win! Thank you for your support

When Ventura County hospital housekeepers learned that management planned to put them on a disruptive rotating schedule, they immediately contacted their worksite organizer and went on the offensive. After several meetings and a day of purpling up, management has backed away from its plan.
“I’m proud of my co-workers. We stood together and became a strong team.” 
-Nellie Fierros, Health Care Agency Housekeeper
 Unity prevailed, including:
  • Over 100 Houskeepers getting involved in worksite meetings
  • Support from VCMC and Santa Paula Hospital workers from many different units
  • Over 800 signatures on the Housekeepers petition
  • Dozens of attendees at our morning actions, wearing ribbons in support

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Amazing things happen when we stick together!
For questions, contact Worksite Organizer, Gabby Suciu at (805) 650-4430.
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0 responses to “Housekeepers Win! Thank you for your support

  1. I was present at the meetings with Housekeepers and Management. It was very inspiring to see and hear the spirit of justice sounding so strong. Many of us feel this but most do not speak it.
    From the very first meeting I felt, “Whoa! Management has screwed up again.” The power of the message the Housekeepers sent from the beginning was immense. From the start the dissatisfaction grew rapidly to what I compare to a thunderous roar. Conducting themselves in a professional organized manner they moved forward. What I saw was an unstoppable force. The only solution was for management to step away from their ill conceived ideas and give us what we demanded. Though management spoke to hold their ground their walls of ego and arrogance were in danger of collapse. Management stepped away with some self serving lip service.
    Bottom line Housekeepers win Management lost.
    This is further testimony of what members working together can accomplish.
    Congratulations to the men and women of Housekeeping and thank you for showing us what strength is.