LA County Board of Supervisors Endorse Yes on 30 and No on 32

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors met to consider taking positions on two controversial, high stakes ballot measures, a step rarely taken by the five-member Board.  SEIU 721 member leaders led more than 200 community members at the Rally for Resolutions on the steps of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration and filled the Boardroom to call on the Board to support the Yes on 30 and No on 32 campaigns.
The SEIU 721 member leaders stood united with the League of Woman Voters, Courage Campaign, California Partnership, CHIRLA, Community Coalition, Innercity Struggle, community leaders and labor organizations on the need to invest in education and essential services by passing Prop 30 and protecting the voice of workers by defeating Prop 32.
Rick and Jerry BOS copy.jpgLA County Social Worker Jerry Clyde Jr. went before the Board of Supervisor to represent workers who would be silenced if Prop 32 is approved as Rick Jacobs, Executive Director of the Courage Campaign, testified on his behalf.
Jerry Clyde, Jr. also spoke on supporting Prop 30 to protect education and essential services, “We’re here to tell the Supervisors that we’re watching, as you promise to spend the money in the communities where the services are needed.”
The Board voted to support Yes on Prop 30 and No on Prop 32 by a vote of 3-2!

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