SEIU 721 Weekend Warriors for Obama – The Sequel

Weekend Warrior: The Sequel
Almost 50 SEIU 721 members traveled to Las Vegas this weekend, the second Weekend Warrior event, to help re-elect President Obama and urge Nevadans to take advantage of early voting.  A rally was held on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012, with SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry and she was there to greet SEIU 721 members as they got off the bus.
SEIU 721 members along with other SEIU locals from California and Nevada knocked on more than 6,100 doors in Las Vegas on Saturday.

SEIU_721_Weekend_Warriors_OBAMA_M_Singh_w.jpg“This weekend I knocked on the door of a 19 year old undecided voter in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the SEIU weekend of action. This young man had given up hope. I encouraged him to vote for President Obama and to go back to school because the President has a plan to lower student tuition and create jobs. The President wants to create jobs where people have a good income, ones that can support families and have a future. As an immigrant to this country who struggled to find a job after my nursing degree, I know how it feels. I told that young voter that I believe in President Obama, he has worked hard for people like me, for young people, seniors, for all Americans, and we need to support him for another four years.” – Melita Charles Singh, Registered Nurse RCRMC – SEIU 721 member

Rosa-Teresa-Jessi-150.jpgAmong the 6,100 homes that were visited, SEIU 721 members Rosa Castro, Court Procurement Specialist, Ventura Superior Courts, left, and Jessi Gonzalez, Children’s Social Worker, County of Los Angeles, right, knocked on the door of Teresa, a Nevada resident who had just voted for President Obama. “It’s the first time I have voted in a little while but I am very strong on President Obama,” Teresa told the canvassers. “I am campaigning for the President and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is elected.” 


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  1. You are all a bunch of morons…..No wonder California is losing so many jobs and more and more people are forced to live miserable lives. I once called this great state my home, now I am glad I am no longer subject to its ridiculous policies.

    Warriors for Obama……What A Joke!