Demand and We Shall Receive!

As part of a 4-point plan, DCFS social workers demanded new equipment so we can provide high-quality services.

The Department finally listened to the members’ call for new equipment and every office will be provided with proper equipment by the end of March.

Printer photo Vermont Corridor.jpg

We could not send faxes to enroll parents in new programs. We could not print reports to take to court because the office equipment was so old. We demanded new printers and fax machines so we could do the job we were hired to do for Los Angeles County children and families. Offices with the highest need will receive machines first until every office is supplied with new equipment.

The following offices will receive the new printers in January: Wateridge, Vermont corridor, Child Protection Hotline/ERCP, Compton (East and West), San Fernando Valley (East and West), Belvedere, South County, Sante Fe Springs, and Metro North.

In February, the following offices will receive the new equipment: Telstar, Glendora, Lancaster, Corporate Place, Children’s Court, Palmdale, Covina Annex, Santa Clarita, Torrance, Pomona, West LA, Metroplex, El Monte, Headquarters (with Annex), and Norwalk.

The remaining offices’ equipment will be replaced in March.

Michael Guynn, CSW III, DCFS Vermont Corridor.jpg

“Kudos to the department for listening to the needs of its workers. But new printers won’t solve all the problems. We are over cap in too many offices, with far too many CSWs out on medical leave due to overwork and stress. We have to keep fighting to make sure the services we provide are of the highest quality.”

 Michael Guynn, CSW III, Vermont Corridor 

Change happens when we all speak with one voice. We can’t stop now. We have to keep fighting to make sure the services we provide are of the highest quality. We want LA County to be the best at taking care of its children and families.
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