LAPMA Elects a New Board

The recently concluded elections for the LAPMA Board resulted in the following managers being elected for three year terms:
Cora Jackson-Fossett: Cora is the Public Information Director for the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation. She is responsible for providing LA residents with timely information on Public Works’ programs and activities.
Michael Rubino: Michael is a Chief Port Pilot at the Port of Los Angeles. He is responsible for managing the Pilot Service, which includes ensuring that ocean-going container ships are brought into, docked at and taken out of the port safely and efficiently.
Robert Potter:
Robert is a Wastewater Manger in the Collections System Division of the Bureau of Sanitation. He is responsible for seeing that the collection system is well maintained. This includes cleaning out sewer lines, calling for repairs to failed lines and maintaining the storm drain system.
David Lara: David is an Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Building in the Department of Building and Safety. He oversees departmental communications, including press and media contacts, and is the department’s representative with the elected officials regarding department issues.
Charley Mims: Charley is a Chief Construction Inspector with the Bureau of Contract Administration. He is responsible for managing a major division for the bureau, which administers permits and contracts for city-owned facilities.
Adel Hagekhlil:
Adel is an Assistant Director in the Bureau of Sanitation. He is responsible for the bureau’s environmental and regulatory affairs.
Michael Kantor: Michael is a Deputy City Engineer with the Bureau of Engineering. He oversees private development and the bureau’s web site.
Download a flyer with the election results to distribute at your worksite.
For more information, contact Charley Mims: (213) 479-9176.