LA Budget: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Good,-Bad,-Ugly-x350.jpgMayor Villaraigosa just released his proposed LA city budget for the coming year.
Here’s the lowdown:
The Mayor’s budget provides funding for our 1.75% salary increase due this July. But it doesn’t fund our 5.5% increase due January 2014. He’s trying to force us to give up the raises we negotiated in 2007 and then agreed to defer three times in order to keep LA solvent. The Mayor also wants city workers to pay 10% more toward healthcare.
That’s NOT going to happen.
A deal’s a deal. The Mayor signed a contract and the city has the money to honor it. We aren’t going back to the table.
SEIU 721 members are going to stand strong, defend our contract and keep our raises and healthcare benefits intact.
Bob Schoonover_80x80.jpg
It’s too bad that the Mayor didn’t give credit to city workers for our sacrifices in balancing the budget. He could have taken credit too. But instead he launched one final attack on city workers when it makes no sense to do so.”
-Bob Schoonover, SEIU 721 President and LA City Heavy Duty Mechanic

Download a flyer to post at your worksite and give to co-workers.

Want to know more about the budget?

Come to a Coalition of LA City Unions Membership Meeting to discuss it and the upcoming mayor’s race. SEIU 721 is a member of the Coalition.
Tuesday, April 30, 5 p.m.
@ IUOE Local 501
2405 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles 90057

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