DCFS Wateridge Keeps an Eye on the Prize

SEIU 721 members on the Wateridge Committee are winning victories through monthly meetings with management, by staying united and by staying focused. The fight has just begun, but the Committee is already making progress.
Eryn Hampton 80x80.jpg“We are seeing progress. We are seeing victories. The fight isn’t over and it won’t be easy, but we aren’t giving up and we aren’t giving in. We are sticking together to tell management that there is a better way!” – Eryn Hampton, Children’s Social Worker, Wateridge

Some of the victories DCFS Wateridge has achieved since the formation of the Wateridge Committee last year include:

  • Management will provide additional spaces for staffing to alleviate crowding.
  • Management will hire 50 new staff.
  • Management will hire a new receptionist.
  • Management will create a 60-day case freeze throughout Wateridge, Vermont and West LA.
  • Management will open the office on Saturdays.
  • Management will loosen the criteria on case transfers to ease case transfer.
  • When a worker is over-capped on cases, management will provide a memo on behalf of the worker and freeze the cases

For more information, contact Chante Barnes-Warner at (213) 399-7175 or by email:

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