Reclassification Denied – But the Fight’s Not Over!

What Happened? 

SEIU 721 members filed a grievance for reclassification because class specifications have changed in the last few decades. The County denied reclassification.

How was that decision made?

The County completed a Reclassification Survey to determine whether a reclassification was warranted. We have not been allowed to see the responses and Jon Lenvik, of CEO Classification and Compensation, did not complete a detailed analysis that could be verified by an independent source.

LA County used ad information to make a careless determination.  2013-2016-EBoard-Marlene-Allen-80x100.jpg
“We know our job has changed tremendously in the last 20 years. We’ll keep fighting until our hard work is fairly classified.”  

Marlene Allen, Steward and GAIN Services Supervisor

What is Next?

We are filing an appeal on behalf of all GAIN Service Workers in an effort to have our position reclassified.

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