El Monte Workers: ‘Put City Services First’

El-Monte-workers_x350.jpgOn June 18, City of El Monte workers held a special meeting to discuss the city’s budget and other topics important to the city and its workforce.
Guest speakers included City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Norma Macias and Assistant City Manager Jesus Gomez. More than 100 members packed into a meeting room in the city’s aquatic center.
Councilwoman Macias told the workers that she is “committed to maintaining employment levels and expanding them.” She said, “I consider myself to be a strong supporter of SEIU 721” and reiterated her support for extending Measure GG, the half-cent sales tax hike currently set to expire in 2014. Macias ended her remarks by thanking the workers: “I know you are working harder with the cutbacks that have happened. You are doing a great job out there.”
“We’ve sacrificed to keep El Monte running. Soon, we hope we’ll have the opportunity to improve the level of services we provide, which is what residents deserve. El Monte is a great city, but we can do even better if we extend Measure GG and focus on our local economy.”
-Leslie Sparks, Records Supervisor, El Monte Police Department

Assistant City Manager Gomez then presented on the city’s budget. He told SEIU 721 members that there would be a 9.6 percent reduction in City-wide operation and maintenance expenditures reflected in the budget.
Members asked both speakers questions about the budget and the city’s economic development goals for the coming year.
One week later, on June 25, the City Council adopted a balanced budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year. Click here to read more about the budget.
In the coming weeks, the City Council will consider bringing an extension of Measure GG to voters.
For more information, contact Worksite Organizer Javad Sabokpey: (213) 761-3010.