Contract Talks Have Broken Down

Tuesday, Oct. 29, 9:30 p.m.
 Talks between our Bargaining Policy Committee and LA County have broken down. Neither side has plans to continue negotiations over our current contract, which expired on September 30.
What Happened?
Talks broke down because County Management said NO. They said NO to lowering caseloads for social workers, which would save children’s lives. They said NO to raising the living wage, which would lift contract workers out of poverty. They said NO to RideShare, which would reduce traffic and pollution on our freeways. They said NO to making millionaires pay their fair share of taxes, which would fund parks and libraries.
And they said NO to paying us a fair wage and making modest increases in our Options plan, which would give us economic security and ensure that we have affordable healthcare for our families. Instead, what’s on the table right now amounts to a pay cut. 
The Bargaining Team cannot negotiate with NO.

What’s Next?
Thousands of SEIU 721 members have already voted to support their Bargaining Team with the authority to escalate our actions, up to and including a strike. (If you haven’t voted, voting is open until Saturday.Click here for a list of voting locations.)
The Bargaining Team and CAT Team will meet this weekend to plan our next steps. We will show the County that we are prepared to take all necessary action to bring economic security to our families and we will not accept a pay cut.
For More Information
 To learn more, talk to a Bargaining Team member, your worksite steward or your worksite organizer.
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