We Have LA County's Attention

Thousands of LA County social workers went out on strike beginning Thursday morning to protest unfair labor practices committed by LA County management that put children at risk. 
Picket lines drew crowds at more than a dozen DCFS locations across the County. Every major news outlet covered the massive press conference at DCFS Metro North. 

LA County is paying attention:

  • Media coverage has put the spotlight on management's unfair labor practices.
  • Community partners are demanding action.
  • Elected leaders are reaching out personally to pledge their support for child safety.
We've made it clear that we're serious about change and we will not stop until LA County commits in writing to safer social worker-to-child ratios.

Let's Keep Up the Momentum
  • Come to the Child Safety Rally
  • Honor the picket line
  • Join CSW's on the picket line. 
  • Tweet your support to @seiu721 with #721strike #childsafety  
  • Visit our Facebook page and pledge your support https://www.facebook.com/seiu721
  • Call the LA County Supervisor and them "I support striking social workers because I support child safety."
Call the Supervisors to tell them: 'Put Child Safety First':

Gloria Molina: 213-974-4111
Mark Ridley-Thomas: 213-974-2222
Zev Yaroslavsky: 213-974-3333
Don Knabe: 213-974-4444
Mike Antonovich: 213-974-5555

Check out pictures from the strike: 

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