VIDEO: Campaign for Child Safety

Last month, LA County Social Workers won huge victories in their quest to improve child safety.

The following video tells the story of how hard-working social workers and their union brothers and sisters united with community members in the name of child safety. Though social workers have been campaigning for child safety for years, this video focuses on the apex of the battle: the six day strike.

We stood strong on the strike lines for six days and forced the County back to the table. Now, we have a tentative agreement with some big wins for child safety. Here are the highlights:

  • Enforceable Caseload Goals Below Yardstick: The County agreed to meet our caseload goals based on the hiring plan.
  • Educational Based Discipline: The County agreed to end the climate of fear and instead educate workers for policy violations.
  • Less Paperwork, More Social Work: The County agreed to decrease policies by 25% in the next 6 months.
  • Mobile Worker Program: The County agreed to give children’s social workers more flexibility in how we do our jobs.

The children of LA County are safer today because of the courage and sacrifices we made during the LA County Contract campaign.

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