A New Voice for the LA County Board of Supervisors

This June we have an unprecedented chance to elect an ally to the Los Angeles Board of Hilda Solis_250x250.jpgSupervisors. Former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis is poised to take the place of Gloria Molina in Seat 1, nonetheless she is taking nothing for granted and doing a full scale voter contact program.  Now is our chance to show our support and join her campaign on the ground.

Please contact Devin Osiri at (213) 304-4952 for more information.

Please see attached flyer for volunteer opportunities.  721 Solis Flyer.pdf

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0 responses to “A New Voice for the LA County Board of Supervisors

  1. I hope Ms Hilda Solis will clean up the Board of Supervisors and give County Workers fair pay. The gasoline is more than four dollars/a gallon, the red meat more than $8.00/ per pound and the County of Los Angeles should be ashamed of giving us 6% raise.