SEIU 721 Nurse Leadership Conference

GroupShot_RNLeadership_595X296.JPGNurse Leaders from across the LA County Health Division gathered for a SEIU 721 Nurse Leadership conference on March 29. The theme was inspired by the Gandhi quote, “Be the Change You Want to See In The World.”

The conference gave the nurses a sense of how important it is to be connected to each other. It is not enough to come together just for bargaining. They felt the need to support each other, share victories and strategize together throughout the year. After several inspiring breakout sessions, the nurses agreed on a strategic set of next steps. Look for lots of nurse leadership at SEIU 721 in the coming months.
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“There was a real sense among the RNs that this is OUR union, that WE are the union and that we have the power to make it what we want it to be.  We are motivated and inspired to claim that power, and use it to transform our workplaces and the world.”
Robin Ellis, Nurse Practitioner, LAC USC


“The day felt positive and inspiring. We left the conference ready to get involved in realizing the nurse’s leadership vision and work with the entire union on issues that affect all working families. We want to make the nurse division the strongest it has ever been.”
Maribel Castillon, Registered Nurse, Department of Public Health

Fiona_Henlon_Relief_Nurse_LACUSC_80x80.JPG“We generated a lot of great ideas during the conference. Now it’s up to us to act on them. We have a track record of winning big victories like fighting to keep medical benefits for the relief nurses. We didn’t take no for an answer. Let’s remember that as we take on new challenges. When we fight we win!”
Fiona Henlon, Relief Nurse, LAC USC

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