Upcoming COPE Town Halls: Who Will We Support?

Election 2014.jpgWith the primary over, COPE will be hosting a couple of more town halls to give SEIU 721 members the opportunity to hear from candidates in the previously “unendorsed” races.  The winner of each of these races has the potential to be in office from 8-12 years, so it is critical that members ask them questions on the issues we are most concerned.

The following town halls are being held for the two candidates that have made the November 4th General Election in four different races. Please RSVP to Melinda Chuarn at 213-368-8602 for either town hall.

SEIU 721 Board of Supervisor District 3 Town hall
Tuesday, 7/1/14
5:30pm-Dinner, 6:00 pm-Town Hall
1545 Wilshire Blvd. (Basement auditorium)

Candidates:  Honorable Sheila Kuehl and Councilmember Bobby Shriver

Please download: LA County Supe

Town Hall 2.24.14_2.pdf

SEIU State One Voice Town Hall
Wednesday, 6/25/14
5:30 pm-Dinner, 6:00 pm-Town Hall
1545 Wilshire Blvd. (Basement auditorium)

Candidates: AD 62 Inglewood: Autumn Burke (D) & Ted Grose(R)AD 64 Carson: Mike Gipson (D) & Prophet Walker(D)SD 26

Coastal: Sandra Fluke(D) & Ben Allen (D)

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