City of Santa Paula Members Vote to Approve Last Best and Final

santa-paula-counting-votes.JPGSEIU 721 City of Santa Paula members voted to approve the Last, Best and Final Offer by a large margin on July 8, 2014. The bargaining team first met with city negotiators starting in February of 2014.

Members spoke at several city council meetings and stood up for a fair contract.

The new contract will be for one year and includes some gains including:

  • Members won a 2% salary increase, effective the first full pay period after the adoption of the Last, Best and Final offer
  • Gains in the uniform allowance
  • Gains in reimbursements for certificates and licenses
  • Non-discrimination language

The term of the Memorandum of Understanding is from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.


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