David Green Re-elected to LACERA Board

David_Green_Hudson_Public_Health.JPGOn August 7, 2014 David Green was re-elected to the LACERA Board.  He won by capturing nearly 80% of the vote! We are thrilled to have him represent us again.

He is excited to do the work and understands the importance of protecting our members’ secure retirement.

David-Green_80x80.jpg“It’s been a steep learning curve for me, and I know there is much more for me to learn. But I think we’ve done very well in recovering from the Great Recession. During my term we’ve grown from a $38 billion to a $47 billion fund, and we are on track to grow even stronger. Still, I want to make sure that as we grow, our focus is more on Main Street than Wall Street.” – David Green, SEIU 721 Treasurer and LA County Children’s Social Worker

David’s goal for the next three years is to renegotiate the fees we pay to outside managers in order to lower our costs. He will also push for more transparency and accountability from managers and staff. Also, by 2016 we will have an almost entirely new Board of Supervisors. He’s hopeful they will appoint some strong, progressive trustees to LACERA’s Board.

David wants to send a special thank you to his DCFS co-workers and his SEIU 721 family for their support. He is humbled and honored by the privilege to serve us all.

If you are interested in retirement security issues please join the SEIU 721 Retirement Committee