SEIU Supported Mathur and Taylor Win CalPERS Board Election

Priya Mathur, left, and Theresa Taylor, right.

Priya Mathur, left, and Theresa Taylor, right

UPDATE: Oct. 1, 2014 – Priya Mathur and Theresa Taylor, SEIU endorsed candidates for the CalPERS board, both won clear majorities, avoiding runoff. Mathur won 56.2% of the vote to represent Local Agency members and Taylor received 54.6% of the vote to represent State members. Congratulations to both.

Members of Local 721 and SEIU State Council have endorsed incumbent and current Board Vice-President, Priya Mathur and candidate Theresa Taylor to fill the State and Public Agency Member Representative seats for the CalPERS Board of Administration.

According to the CalPERS site an election for the CalPERS School Board Member representative seat will not be conducted because the incumbent, Rob Feckner, was unopposed. Feckner will serve a 4-year term of office beginning January 16, 2015, and continuing through January 15, 2019.

The new term of office will begin on January 16, 2015, and run through January 15, 2019.

Eligible voters in this election are active CalPERS members as of July 1, 2014. A ballot package will be mailed to home addresses on Aug. 29.

Ballots must be received by Sept. 29 to be counted.

Contact CalPERS for more information or if you have not received your ballot.

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