Make a Call for SEIU 721 Member/Candidate: Gregg Fritchle

candidate_gregg_fritchle_200p.jpgGregg Fritchle, SEIU 721 member and endorsed candidate for 55th Assembly District is looking for some volunteers for his campaign.

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party has set up an online phone bank for his campaign. You can volunteer and make a few phone calls to voters in the 55th District from the comfort of your home by clicking on this link: Phonebank for Greg

Greg is a Los Angeles County Social Worker, a long-time SEIU Local 721 and legacy Local 535 steward and bargaining team member. Gregg has fought for manageable workloads for child social services and social worker caseloads.

Click here to read more about Gregg and his vision for the 55th District.


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