This Little Light of Ours

Tiny lights lit up the street in front of North Los Angeles Regional Center (NLACRC). Parents, special needs activists, community organizers, clergy and service coordinators held a solemn candle light vigil.

A number of parents of our special needs clients attended because they see the staff of NLACRC as life preservers in a sea of confusing bureaucratic paper work. These parents want to see caseloads come down so their children can live healthy, happy and hopeful lives.

In addition to parents, community groups like P.O.W.E.R and the Special Needs Network pledged their support. The evening ended with an inspiring speech by the president of the Special Needs Network, Areva Martin, who said the children and adults served by NLACRC deserve the same access to care and support that those on the wealthier west side receive. Then she helped lead a delegation to the executive offices of the NLACRC to say that we want to focus on faces not cases at NLACRC.

Let’s keep pushing for what’s right. Justice will prevail.

What You Can Do To Help

Call the NLACRC’s executive director, George Stevens (818) 778-1900.Let him know that you are concerned about the health and safety of the clients of NLACRC because case loads are so high. Encourage him to work with his staff to develop a plan to lower case loads.

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