United to Keep Watts Healthy

We came together with community leaders and elected officials to ensure the stability of the workforce and the services that are desperately needed by one of LA’s most under served areas.

Assembly Member Mike Gipson led a delegation of workers and community leaders to speak directly with the CEO of Watt Health Clinic, William Hobson.

United we called on Hobson to keep the healthcare workers at Watts Healthcare healthy so they can keep the community members of Watts healthy.  We won’t be torn away from our community without a fight. It’s just going to take all of us – healthcare workers, Watts residents, health care advocates and policy makers – to encourage  Watts Healthcare to keep its workforce stable by giving their healthcare providers access to affordable healthcare.

Watts Health Clinic workers provide critical services, including urgent care, vaccinations, flu shots,  pap smears, mammograms, family planning, prenatal and maternal care, pediatric care,  physical therapy, HIV testing, cancer screenings, substance abuse counseling, nutrition education, counseling,  eye check ups, and dental care to name a few.

Losing qualified, experienced and dedicated healthcare would be a blow to an often overlooked community at any time, but as we gear up to fight another season of the flu, we need to have a fully staffed, committed and experienced workforce addressing the healthcare challenges in Watts.

Watts Healthcare has a long and respected history of providing 360-degree care to the community, and we bring yrs years of experience, cultural competence and an understanding of what the mostly black, brown and recent immigrant patients that walk through the doors need. Let’s keep it that way.

100x100_Shelley-Butler-LVN-ll.jpg“This is the reality we are facing today. If Watts Healthcare forces unaffordable health care coverage on its dedicated and experienced staff, many of us will not be able to afford to work at Watts Healthcare. We will lose, our patients will lose and our community will lose. “ – Shelly Butler, Watts Health Clinic