SEIU 721’s ULP Moves Forward in Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District

Pleasant-Valley-Group-500.jpgAre you being asked to contribute more towards your retirement than is legally called for?

What Happened?
SEIU 721 filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) suit against Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District because it wanted you to pay more into your retirement than is legally mandated. You fought back and this suit is moving forward.

Under PEPRA (Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act) you will be required to pay up to 8% into your retirement. Pleasant Valley attempted to force you to pay above that state mandated amount.

ULP-Watch.pngWhat’s Next?
Good news, the National Labor Relations Board told Pleasant Valley to go back to the table and fix this. There will be an informal settlement conference and if this important retirement issue is not resolved then it will go to a hearing where an officer will make a ruling. The settlement conference is scheduled for April 13.

When we stand together, we win!

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