Victory for Equity in Santa Paula

SEIU 721 City of Santa Paula Public Works members

The Santa Paula City Council voted to approve a contract extension and vacation buybacks.

What Happened?
After months of negotiating last year and after multiple trips to City Council meetings to present a case for why members should have the option to do vacation buybacks the Council finally voted to institute the buybacks.

What Does This Mean?
Vacation buybacks are now part of the contract, and you will be able to exercise these buybacks, just like every other City of Santa Paula worker has been able to do.

When we stand together, we win!
When we first made our case to regain the ability to buy back vacation time, this request fell on deaf ears.  Dedicated members and staff took action and changed the composition of the council through hard work during the last election.

What’s Next?
The council agreed to extend the contract until July of 2015 when we go right back to the bargaining table.

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