L.A. County Jail Health Care Providers Call For Transparency

When we got word of the plan to consolidate the Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s Medical Services Bureau and the Department of Health Services we mobilized.


We immediately held down a very successful Town Hall meeting on Monday, June 8th at SEIU Local 721 to inform ourselves on the potential impact to our members resulting from the proposed consolidation plan. Deputy Sheriff Terry McDonald, Doctors Marc Ghaly and Robin Kay participated in our Town hall panel as speakers and made the commitment to keep SEIU 721 members engaged and involved in the process!

L.A. County will only achieve a consolidation plan that’s equitable, smart and fair by collaborating with the staff that’s on the frontline delivering these medical services.

SEIU 721 needs to be the part of the planning process, and we made this clear not only at our Town hall, but also at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors Meeting on June 9th!

SEIU 721 members Alicia Burston, Registered Nurse III with the Sheriff’s Department, Cynthia Carreon Registered Nurse with the Sheriff’s Department and Valencia Gardner, LVN with the Sheriff’s Department, all addressed the Board of Supervisors on the need to collaborate with SEIU 721 members during the restructuring planning process.

“We want to be fully engaged in all the phases proposed in this restructure.  We Demand Transparent and Prudent Process, Protecting health/safety & Input from Frontline Caregivers is key.  We are hopeful this will bring positive change to our patients and are ready to roll up our sleeves and help tear down the silos,” said Alicia Burston at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors’ meeting.

Restructuring will only succeed if the voices of those in the frontlines are engaged every step of the way.  Anything less than full transparency and collaboration is unacceptable.

Stay Engaged, today our voices matter more than ever!

Any questions please contact Worksite Organizer Eric Moffit at (213) 379-2857


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