SEIU 721 Responds to DCFS Audit

Attention to all SEIU 721 DCFS CSW members! L.A. County DCFS recently concluded an audit, which found over 800 CSW’s claimed weekend and evening mileage incorrectly, or logged into their computer outside of regular business hours without approval. While DCFS was ready to dish out penalties over these administrative hiccups, SEIU 721 immediately and aggressively pushed back to get a non-disciplinary response by DCFS.

According to the audit report, a number of CSW’s were claiming weekend or evening mileage without requesting overtime via a DCFS 158 form. With the considerable amount of work and the urgency needed to quickly deliver services to families or children, it’s completely understandable for CSW’s to prioritize getting to the clients first instead of the bureaucratic paperwork. But don’t let this red tape be the reason you could face disciplinary action. All CSW’s no matter how tedious it might seem, must submit a DCFS 158 form for any weekend and evening work.

There are never enough hours in the day to finish all the work diligently, so every CSW who logs into their computer system during non-regular working hours must also first submit a DCFS 158 form.  SCSW’s who sign field itineraries for CSW’s outside of regular hours, must also have these CSW’s submit a form 158 for the overtime.

Because the work CSW’s and SCSW’s do never ends and happens around the clock, and on the weekends, SEIU 721 is working aggressively to avoid any disciplinary action for members that erred. SEIU has already succeeded in having all warning letters retracted to receive appropriate review. Each case from the 800 in the audit will be taken on an individual basis, with meetings held in each CSW’s office and these include the presence of advocates and stewards.

If you’re amongst the 800 employees found in the audit, be aware that you can and should exercise your Weingarten Rights if DCFS management reaches out to you. You’ve fought hard for your union, and you have the right to protect yourself from any questioning without a witness, union steward or advocate.

It’s important that you know you’re protected and have rights! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact 721’s Member Connection at 877-721-4968.

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