It’s Official – LA City MOU 18 Recommends a YES Vote!

Great news! MOU 18 is recommending a YES Vote. Deadline for voting has been extended until MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28th for MOU 18 only.

The elected bargaining team members demanded clarity and accuracy on the intent of the agreement reflected in the summary. After hours of discussion and meetings with the Los Angeles City CAO all outstanding issues have been resolved and mitigated. Your bargaining team is now supporting the tentative agreement with City of L.A. and urging a yes vote.

How to vote?

Cast your ballot and mail it using the self-addressed postage paid envelope included in your voting packet. Your ballot must be received by Monday SEPTEMBER 28TH

In person:
You can drop off your ballot or cast a ballot at any of the following Field Voting Locations (listed below) or the SEIU Local 721 office located 1545 Wilshire Blvd Suite 100, Los Angeles CA 90017. Please log on to to view latest schedule.
*If you have already voted and want to change your vote you can do so in person at the locations listed below. By casting a second ballot your first vote will be nullified.

FIELD VOTING LOCATIONS  (Times may change please check here for the most updated schedule. Last updated 9/18/2015)

Monday September 21 – South Division   8-5PM
Tuesday September 22 – West Division    8-5PM
Wednesday September 23 – HWD/HPS Division    8-5PM
Thursday September 24 – Thurs- Central Division   8-5PM
Friday September 25th – Valle Division    8-5PM

Monday September 21 – San Pedro 8-5PM
Tuesday September 22 – Civic Center 8-5PM
Wednesday September 23 – Zoo   8-5PM
Thursday September 24 – Van Nuys   8-5PM

7030 World Way West
Tuesday September 22  6am – 11am
Wednesday September 23  9:45am – 4PM  &  9pm – 10pm
Friday September 25th  1PM – 3:30PM

If you have any questions please contact the Member Connection at: (877) 721-4868.