Standing Firm for Investments in Quality Care at LA County!

SEIU 721 Bargaining Unit Representatives aren’t sitting around waiting for LA County to finally give County workers a fair shake–they’re springing into action! On Wednesday, September 2nd, SEIU 721 Bargaining Unit Representatives conducted a delegation to LA County Health Services Director Dr. Mitch Katz to outline the top priority areas for health practitioners.

The delegation made it very clear that if the County strives to provide quality health care, it must invest in the workers on the frontline delivering health services. An investment in Nurses is an investment in patients and the communities they live in!

The delegation also stressed the need to address DHS’ issues with recruitment and retention, the over-reliance on high-cost registries, the inadequate safety equipment and the need for culture transformation in scheduling practices. The outdated and inequitable weekend, evening, night shift, ER differentials were also discussed.


“The overuse of registry does not provide the continuity of care. We need to create a career ladder for HIM Coders and invest in training and education. Experienced HIM Coders need to stay within the LA County family,” said Health Information Association Sylvia Lumford during the delegation visit.

“Nurse Practitioners getting six hours of non-direct patient care in the MOU is essential to our ability to be effective providers,” added LAC-USC Nurse Practitioner Ileanna Meza.


Dr. Katz committed to continue to work to seek reasonable resolutions to these issues, but LA County Health Practitioners must still continue to push and make the County accountable. With off-kilter nurse to patient ratios, and a contract that will expire by the end of the month, the time is now to continue to put the pressure on LA County Management.

Stay engaged and involved.

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