Contract Settlement* Raises Up ALL of LA County!


SEIU Local 721 and the County of Los Angeles have reached a Tentative Agreement on a new three-year contract. Detailed tentative agreement summaries, including significant gains on bargaining unit specific issues, will be available soon. At as many worksites as possible, membership meetings will be held to review the tentative agreements prior to the ratification vote. More information on ratification coming very soon, stay tuned. For now, here are some of the highlights and breakthroughs.

Highlights and Breakthroughs

● 10% general raises for all SEIU 721 bargaining unit members as follows:

  3% October 1, 2015
  3% October 1, 2016
  2% October 1, 2017
  2% April 1, 2018

● Additional salary increases (beyond the general raises) for nearly 13,000 members.

● $15/Hour minimum wage for all SEIU 721 members by 2018. BREAKTHROUGH!

● $100-300/month increase in County contribution to cover medical premium increases.

● “Path to Permanency” for Temporary Workers. BREAKTHROUGH!

● Additional vacation accrual (up to one extra week) for employees after 20 years of service. First vacation improvement in 30 years.  BREAKTHROUGH!

● First real improvement in evening, night shift and standby pay in over 25 years.  BREAKTHROUGH!

● Cesar Chavez Day, beginning in 2017. First new paid holiday in 30 years.

>>Download the Contract Tentative Agreement flyer (PDF).

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Cynthia Romero

Congrats good job!!!!

C. Do

Thank you the Unions for your advocacy to successfully negotiate for our raise.
Sincere Appreciation,


Today is Oct. 12, 2017, so when do the extra week vacation starts, I have not seen an increase in my vacation yet……What year do it starts?


Yes, that is great news…..I cannot wait for union picnic this year.


Hi what is the update on the 7th bullet?= “First real improvement in evening, night shift and standby pay in over 25 years. BREAKTHROUGH!”