Statements for LA County Region Executive Board Candidates


Bob Schoonover (721 M1st)

As your President I’ve led a united and experienced team with a proven track record. In the face of frozen wages and cuts to benefits, the 721 Member’s First team delivered strong contracts and key victories across our regions. We delivered raises, fought off concessions, protected benefits, and secured our retirement. 

True leaders don’t create followers, they create leaders. 

Now is the time to vote for the dedicated team of leaders with the experience to do much more to lift up our members and their families.

Please vote for the 721 Members First slate! Learn more at

Oscar Valladares (Save721)

As a current Board Member and active member for the last 10 years, I’m deeply concern about the future of our union. Millions of dollars spent fighting members who want to leave our union for lack of representation, a depleted strike fund and out-of-control spending on political campaigns and consultants without any accountability. After 25 years of the same leadership, it is time to change the direction and save our union. I ask for your vote to bring True Representation, Financial Transparency and Accountability. Our children deserve a union – Vote for entire Save SEIU 721 Slate.  

Vice President

Linda Dent (721 M1st)

Bargaining with the nation’s largest county is not an easy task, but our 721 Member’s First team has proven it can get the job done. I’m the current Vice President and I’m asking for your vote so we can continue on a winning path. We’ve won significant contract gains including raises and enhanced health benefits. Our winning team has the experience and commitment to keep building a better future for our members.

I’ve been an Intermediate Clerk in LA County for 38 years. I am also a Steward and Bargaining Policy Chair, and together we can build on our victories. 


David Green (721 M1st)

I’m running for re-election as Treasurer as part of the 721 Members First winning team.

I’ve spent 15 years as a Children’s Social Worker with the LA County Department of Children & Family Services. As a long-time Union Steward and Vice President of SEIU 535, I’ve represented more than 500 members, served on two bargaining teams as chair, vice chairman of the LACERA Board of Investments and was elected to the LACERA Board of Investments to help oversee LA County’s $47 billion pension fund.

To continue to fight for social workers and all public workers, I need your vote!

Yolonda Lawrence

Its election time again!  This is where our voices the members of SEIU721 can be heard “Loud and Clear.” This is the time where we can let it be known that we the members want our Union back! My name is Yolonda Lawrence and I’ve been a member since 2000 and actively participating Steward since 2008 I serve as Co-Chair for the (JLM) and (MDT), completing my Master’s degree in Business.  I was elected for the Democratic Committee in the Antelope Valley. Please vote Yolonda Lawrence for “Treasurer” let’s make 2016 a successful and great year for us the member’s


Lillian Cabral (721 M1st)

Member voices were key in our recent victories, and must continue to be key as we move forward on a winning path to strong contracts. I’m running for re-election as Secretary of SEIU 721 because I’m ready to continue using my solid experience of 30 years as a Union Steward and activist to strengthen representation for all members. 

Member participation and action is at the heart of our union; uniting our diverse voices is key to building on our victories.  

I am proud to stand with the 721 Members First slate and ask for your vote for the entire team.

LA County Executive Board Candidates

Leana Babineaux

Hello my name is: Leana Babineaux

I am running for a seat on the Board of Directors for SEIU Local 721. My history for being a good activist for our Union started in 1989.  I have serviced as Shop Steward and Chair of our Bargaining Unit 221, where we gained increases as high as 21%.   I sat on the bargaining team for year 2015, so that our voices can be heard.  If I am elected to the Board I will continue to be a voice for the members.


John Balta (MDU)

My name is John Balta; I work for the Los Angeles County Social Services Department and have been a Union Steward for more than fifteen years. I have served as Chair person for the Bargaining Unit 711. 

I am running as an Executive Board Member to “Make a Difference.”  My goal for local 721 is to be known as “Member Driven Union” where everyone has a voice and is heard. It’s time to change the mindset of being managed by “Staff Driven” to “Member Driven”. I want to bring back integrity, trust to our members and belief in our union.

Tracy Boykins

Representation is key to a union. With your vote and support, we can get our union back. Thank you

Lydia Cabral (721 M1st)

I have worked for the County of Los Angeles for 10 years as a PRW in the department of Patient Financial Services, first at Olive View Medical Center and now LAC-USC Medical Center. I’m Chair of our COPE committee, BU-729 committee member, Elected member of the Regional Council, Representation Appeals committee member, Steward Council member, PFS Labor Management member, Class Spec’s committee member and Co-chair of LAC-USC Medical Center. I am dedicated to transparency and would like to have the opportunity to serve your best interest representing you on the executive board and being your voice and your vote. 

Juanita Carpenter


Maribel Castillon RN, PHN

My name is Maribel Castillon.  I am a Public Health Nurse for LAC DPH and I have over a decade of union involvement.  Knowing our union has the power to improve the quality of our lives, our worksites, our communities and our government inspires me.  My intention as an Executive Board Member is to raise awareness among our members on the importance of union participation and engagement.  I am devoted to improving outreach and communication using social media and increasing trainings that offer information on issues that impact us as a union and as a society.  I appreciate your vote.  

Phoury Chhun


Carolyn Dasher (721 M1st)

I have worked in the courts of Los Angeles since 1987, and I believe we all should be treated fairly and be compensated appropriately for the jobs we give our lives to. As a Board Member, I will ensure we continue to negotiate great contracts that protect the stability of our jobs. I will work hard to strengthen our voice at the bargaining table, and in the Government Halls!

Let us put you, your job, and your concerns first. Please give the 721 Members First team that opportunity. 

Visit for more info.

Patrick Del Conte (721 M1st)

I am running for re-election as an Executive Board Member to continue leading our union to strong contracts and quality representation.

I have extensive experience and success in leading several bargaining teams and I have the passion, dedication, and drive to represent our members well. In addition, I am also the Chair of the Health Care Reform Committee and the Vice Chair of the Regional Counsel.

I will continue to serve our members and SEIU Local 721 with pride, leadership and respect.

Visit for more info or at

Kelly Dixon (MDU)

aka Kelley Dixon-Turner

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department




  • ✓VOCAL





My character speaks for itself.  Cast your ballot, vote, KELLEY DIXON, along with my THE 721 MEMBER DRIVEN UNION (MDU) SLATE.

Ruby Dye (MDU)

I’ve been a Union member 36 years of my LA County career and an active steward for 25 years. My years of service proves my dedication to the members. I have and always will listen to your concerns and act upon them. Too many times issues have been dropped unresolved. Those of you who know me, know your issues are my issues. I believe everyone should be kept abreast of the Union’s affairs. You’re the heart and soul of this Union and should be treated as such. When you elect me I’ll ensure that you know this is your UNION. 

Robin Ellis (Save721)

I have worked at LAC+USC for 10 years as a RN/Nurse Practitioner. The same problems we experience as workers – bullying, favoritism, and fear – we experience as members of 721. Save721 is committed to an open, democratic union where members are empowered and supported. 721 spends millions to elect politicians but we are too timid to put any pressure on them. 721 has a “partnership” with DHS management but we won’t assert our power.  721 supports the “Fight for $15” but doesn’t create a real fight for $15/hr. for our own members. It’s time for change. Vote Save721.

Gregg Fritchle (MDU)

We need a Union that puts representing the members we already have before organizing new members. A Union that does what its members tell it to do, not one that tells its members what to do. A Union that allocates resources to its regions based on the dues collected for those regions. As a 25-year Steward who also served 13 years on the Executive Board of one of 721’s predecessor locals (535), I remember such a Union, but over the past several years we’ve moved away from those ideals. Let’s make 721 a Member-Driven Union (MDU721) again!

Valencia Garner (721 M1st)

I am running for the Executive Board to ensure members’ voices are continued to be represented well, and to bring even stronger member engagement to continue Raising Up L.A.

I am a Nursing Assistant Sheriff with the L.A. County Sheriff’s department, and I have been working for the County for a decade. I am also a 5-year steward and I was elected to serve on the BU 221 bargaining committee in 2012 and again in 2015 to represent Paramedical Staff.

We are at the forefront of bringing great changes within L.A. County — let’s keep up the momentum!

Joginder Singh Gill


Vote for Joginder Singh Gill

Cell: (562)-207-7071      e-mail:

My name is Joinder Singh Gill.  I’ve worked for Los Angeles County for 17 years as a Radiation Therapist in Radiation Oncology Department. The Competency Tests are too subjective and should be abolished. They are not used to educate, but to terminate us unfairly. We are under paid at LA County. The current raise is not enough to keep up with inflation. Our salaries and benefits must compete with the private sector. I’m running for SEIU Local 721 Executive Board

Adolfo Granados (721 M1st)

I am an Eligibility Worker II in DPSS and I’m dedicated to making sure the concerns of our members are being heard. I’m not afraid to speak out because I know that the wellbeing of our communities depends on the rights of our public workers being protected and respected. 

I advocate for better pay, lower caseloads and enough staff to get the job done. I have experience fighting for our rights at both the local and state level. I’m committed to strong representation and I’m asking for your vote so that together we can lift up our members and our communities. 

Dennis Greene

To my Brothers and Sisters of SEIU 721, my name is Dennis Greene.  I am currently Chair of Los Angeles County Steward Council and participate on a host of other committees within SEIU 721.  The reason I elected to run for Board Member is to have input in the financial accountability of SEIU 721.  I would like to bring exceptional representation to the members of Los Angeles County as well as all other Counties we serve.  If you want to see “Change”, please select me Dennis Greene for Board Member.  Sincerely

Ursula Hampton (MDU)

My name is Ursula Hampton. Shop Steward 20+ years.  I believe a Union must represent member’s concerns, be inclusive, negotiate strong contracts and fearlessly defend member’s rights.  Members should be kept informed of issues that impact them.  I am running on the Member Driven Union (MDU) slate.  Please vote for the entire member MDU slate and hold us accountable to you.  We promise be inclusive, informative, transparent, and ensure that the “Members Drive” our union. Re-Electing the current Executive Board will only ensure the continued insufficient representation of union members and continued weak and disorganized contract negotiations.   

Melinda Harrison (MDU)

Sisters and Brothers.  As a member of the MDU’s Slate I am asking for your vote to effect a much needed change in our Union’s Leadership.

Democracy is what Unions are built on, lately it appears as we have a dictatorship.

You know who we are, and you know how we fight for everyone.   As some may say we not only talk the talk we walk the walk. It is time for you to be informed about what is happening in our house(Union). We are now in another fight we need you.  In order to win for me and

Fiona Henlon RN


LA County members, stop being silenced by fear and retaliation.

I became involved with the union as a victim of workplace injustice. Resulting in a fight for myself and co-workers to implement change through MOU enforcement, and member empowerment.

I continue to demonstrate my commitment to fight for employees and residents of LA County:

  • Union Steward
  • Bargaining Team member for two contracts
  • Rallying for the fight for 15
  • Workplace violence campaign
  • Marching on the BOS
  • Lobbying in Sacramento

Your VOTE FOR ME ensures your concerns and desires will be heard and addressed.







Meliza Hernandez (MDU)

I will be that voice for the workers. My first year on the bargaining team I was able to gain a 15% pay raise, uniforms, and safety training for my section. I was also influential in passing a $15 minimum wage by speaking at numerous Board of Supervisor meetings. My priorities as an Executive Board member are protecting wages, health insurance, retirement, and longevity. I will expose financial improprieties, ethical violations, and inconsistent representation. As a 20 year employee of LA County, college graduate, and single parent I will represent you at every meeting. AT EVERY VOTE.

Rene Hernandez

As a proud member of the SEIU Local 721 and County employee for over nine years, I respectfully ask for your vote to elect me as a board member in order to represent you on our union’s Executive Board.

I worked in DPSS as an Eligibility Worker II and Fraud Investigator Trainee. Currently, I am working for the Fire Department as an Accountant II. As a longtime union member, I’m concerned about the constant attacks on unions and union benefits. With your vote, as a trustworthy board member; I will lead the fight to defend our union benefits.

Steve Hovagimian (721 M1st) 

I’m running for re-election to the SEIU 721 Executive Board as a proud member of the 721 Members First team because I believe that I am really lucky to be part of this big family called SEIU 721. 

We are a beautiful mosaic picture with different shapes, sizes, and colors, but when we act harmoniously ours is a symphony.

I would be honored to continue serving on the SEIU 721 Executive Board and representing all members. I humbly ask for your vote for the 721 Members First slate. Read more about us

Veronica E. Johnson (MDU)

My name is Veronica E. Johnson and I have been employed by Probation for more than 25 years, 20 of them as a supervisor with Probation.  I have been an active Union Representative for more than 20 years since the days of Local 660.  As members of 721 we pay our dues in order to ensure that our voices are heard and our needs are met.  “We pay the cost to be the boss”.  If elected, my focus will be to meet the needs of our 721 brothers and sisters in addressing our concerns and demands.

Veronica T. Johnson

Hello brothers and sisters.  My name is Veronica T. Johnson.  I have been a county employee for over 20 years and a steward for several years.  Currently, I’m seated on the Regional Counsel.  I’m involved in COPE, Region Appeals Committee and APRI.  As a steward, I attend the monthly meeting keeping my coworker informed.  If elected to the Executive Board, I will make decision in the best interest for us, the County of Los Angeles employees.  Thank you for your time. 

Silva Kechichian (MDU)

My name is Silva Kechichian and I am a proud Armenian-American activist. I’ve been working with Los Angeles County as a Social Worker for 11 years. As an active member of SEIU Local 721, I served as a Negotiator for the Bargaining 711 unit and a Shop Steward at the IHSS Chatsworth’s office. I have a proven record of success, with my strong ethics, integrity, leadership skills. 

I am running for the Executive Board Member for SEIU. Let’s bring back Integrity, Democracy, Trust, and Transparency. 

It will be an honor to represent you as an executive member. Each Vote Counts!!

Arcelia Lopez (721 M1st)

I am an RN at Harbor UCLA’s Emergency Room; on a daily basis I witness how our quick thinking and commitment to quality care saves lives. The work we do as public workers can’t afford to be undervalued or disrespected. 

I’m asking for your vote because I believe its time nurses have a seat at the table so that together we can take a united stand and secure strong contracts that value our experience and dedication. 

I’m an active steward and committed to a fierce representation of all our members. Time to deliver even more for all 721 members.

Carol Maxey-Ware

As Steward leader I have incurred a lot of experience and knowledge in the past eight years and I am trustworthy and passionate when it comes to our members. It’s time for new leadership who are trendsetter to implement stronger values for our union. Our members should be our first priority in making this union bigger and stronger. We need to implement more member participation. We have a lot of unsatisfied members who feels that the union is not there for them. As leaders on the Executive Board we need to come together and close that unconcerned gap by putting 

Ron McMullen (721 M1st)

I have been a union steward for over 20 years and my experience is an asset on the Executive Board. I have always been active within our union, and I regularly speak out for our members at meetings to ensure member voices are always represented.

Over the years, I have served several terms on the board of SEIU 660 and I also chaired the Social & Economic Justice Committee for a decade.  I am part of 721 Members First to continue strengthening our union to stand up against all those that threaten public employees.

Let’s stay on the winning path.

Alina Mendizabal (721 M1st)

It’s been an honor serving as your Executive Board member for the last 3 years. We’ve succeeded in getting rid of bad and brutal bosses from our workplaces, and we want the opportunity to continue creating harmonious work environments.

Empowering workers and building partnerships for member voices to be heard is my passion. Securing retirement benefits, and winning great contracts is my top priority!  

Let’s continue representational excellence! 721 Members First will get us there.

With God on my side, and your vote, we can do it!  Si Se Puede

Tony Mendoza (721 M1st)

I was elected to the SEIU 721 Executive Board in 2010, and I have the experience and passion to keep leading our union in the right direction. I chair the Filipino Caucus, and I serve as the President of the L.A. County Filipino American Employees Association, and I am also a proud member of the Asian American Employees Association. 

Our 721 Members First team represents the diverse richness of our local, and I know that our slate will represent every facet of our membership. When we fight together, we win!

Joaquin Miramontes


Oly Moreno


Jorge Ortiz Jr

My name is Jorge Ortiz Jr., I am Supervising Children’s Social Worker for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.  I have been an active Union member for the last 25 years advocating for members’ Rights, Representation and Safety.  I was a member of Bargaining Unit 777 and a current member of SEIU Local 721 Regional Advisory Committee and of the Regional Appeals Committee.

It will be a great Honor to represent all members as an Executive Board member of SEIU Local 721.

Omar Perez (721 M1st) 

I am running for re-election with the 721 Members First team because I am passionate about fighting for my co-workers and my community.  

I believe in fighting – fighting for the rights of workers, fighting for the services we provide, and fighting for the communities we serve.

That’s why I work hard on the Board to represent and empower members. With your support and vote, I can continue to fight and to be a loud voice for all members. Please vote for the 721 Members First slate!

Learn more at:

Trace Richardson

I am candidate Trace Richardson running for a position as board member.  My platform is to assure that all members concerns are heard by the governing board and are at the forefront of our union’s decision. We need retirement and job security. We need our jobs not to be outsourced. We need to strengthen our unions political rights local and nationally. Please exercise your rights by taking part in the voting process and vote for me. I will listen to the members and vote what the members decide is best for our union. 

Isaac Roberts (Save721)

I am a Children’s Social Worker. One who won’t compromise your representation at the expense of our members! One who wants to understand your issues and one who believes in solutions and not stop gaps. I won’t sit by while issues remain unresolved. We must deal with the elephants in the room that have trampled our representation. My solution is to make gains with integrity as my backbone; to stand up for all represented members. Don’t settle for a slate who says “members first.” Ask yourself, do you feel like you are first? Join me and “Save 721”.

Jose J. Sanchez (721 M1st)

I’m running for re-election with the 721 Members First slate. 

My experience and passion has prepared me continue representing our membership very well. The great contracts we have delivered for our members are the proof.

I have always been a union and family man, and I am eager to continue strengthening the brotherhood and sisterhood in our local.

721 Members First wholeheartedly believes we are stronger when we stand together, and we urge you to join us in staying on the winning path.

Visit for more info or at

Grace Santillano (721 M1st)

I am running for election to the SEIU 721 Executive Board. I am a proud member of the 721Members First slate and it is an honor to be your voice in this member driven union. I am proud of the win we have achieved and I know that together we can do even more. 

SEIU 721 is like a family quilt, a rich tapestry of assorted fabrics, colors and sizes all sewn together by the bonds of our shared struggle. I feel honored to serve and represent our members and I humbly ask for your vote.  More about us  

Carolyn Sensabaugh (MDU)

My name is Carolyn Sensabaugh.  It is my belief that our Union represent members’ concerns, negotiate strong contracts, and defend union members’ rights.  The Union must keep members informed of issues that impact them.  I am running on the Member Driven Union (MDU) slate, and asking members to vote for the entire MDU slate and hold us accountable to the members.  Re-election of the current Executive Board will only ensure the continued inadequate representation of Union members and continued weak and disorganized contract negotiations.  We promise to be inclusive, informative, transparent, and ensure that you, the “members,” drive our

Vera Vassel (721 M1st)

I work for DMH at the Edelman Mental Health Center and I believe that a strong and united fight can create a brighter future for all members. My previous experience as a worker at DHS also gives me an insight into the various challenges and issues members face at different departments.

I’m committed to making sure we all have a voice and I’ve worked diligently at the bargaining table for the past two contracts. Already we’ve made some key steps in the right direction, but I’m ready to fight for even more. 

Integrity, accountability and a focus on what matters. 

Sharonda Wade (721 M1st)

I am a Children’s Social Worker for the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and I am prepared and dedicated to seeing that our union succeeds! 

As a member of the 2015 Bargaining Team, I played a key role in delivering our monumental L.A. County contract. Your vote for 721 Members First will empower our team to continue delivering for our members.

As a union steward and advocate for child and worker safety, and my experience and familiarity with labor-management relations, I have what it takes to steer our union for success.

Visit for more info

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