We Did it Again on the Streets of LA!

We did it again! Thousands of SEIU union members, Fast Food Workers, and community allies poured into the streets to march in celebration of our recent $15/hr. minimum wage victory, and to let the nation know this is far from over.

We said it from the beginning and we’re staying true to it, this has always been about $15 and a union, and Fast Food Workers are driving the momentum to make it happen. In a testament to their determination to winning their union and getting to $15/hr. years before 2022, hundreds of Fast Food Workers, the highest number yet, walked off the job and joined a rally at a McDonald’s location early this morning. With the cameras from almost every news outlet laser focused on them, the workers sin miedo made it crystal clear to every other Fast Food Worker that when you strike you win!


The National Day of Action events in Los Angeles were incredible and powerful, and undeniably attributed to the hard work SEIU Local 721 does everyday in working with their members to amplify their voices and to continue pushing back against the wealthy forces that want to crush working families. Nobody knows better than our LA County Library Pages on the importance of raising the wage to $15 and having a union. With the latest LA County SEIU Local 721 contract, Library Pages like Yolanda Wright are guaranteed $16/hr. and real health insurance years before 2022.

It was heartening to see several of the LA County nurses who are leading the fight against bullying at DHS march for $15 just less than 24 hours after holding Unity Breaks! This is the kind of member driven leadership and boldness that will continue to keep SEIU Local 721 at the forefront of raising up all working families.


From Ventura to Los Angeles, 721 members and soon to be members came out strong on the National Day of Action. They answered the call to stand with Fast Food workers and working families in Southern California.  With the very important national and statewide elections this November, it’s crucial we continue this momentum to let it be known, the candidates must come for our vote.

We want $15 and a union, and candidates that will stand with us on the frontlines to raise up all working families!


See Photos from National Day of Action morning here and afternoon here.