Bully Watch Action at LAC+USC on Wed, May 18th!

They’ve taken their fight to purge all bully behavior directly to DHS leaders, and now they’re taking direct action to remind local management that treating one another with respect and dignity is critical to creating a healthy workplace.


Come out and stand with your brothers and sisters at our Bully Watch action at LAC+USC. Do it for the times you could not speak out because you were too afraid, and do it for those that still live in fear of breaking the silence.

Show all bullies that you stand together for a dignified workplace free of emotional abuse and intimidation, and that you are all monitoring bully behavior and will not stand for it any longer.

We refuse to be bullied again!

WHAT: LAC+USC Anti-Bullying Info Rally

WHERE: Front of Staircase Along Marengo St.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 18th from 11AM to 1PM

For more info, please call member connection at 1-877-721-4YOU

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