LAC+USC Bully Watch Team Delivers Key Victory and Rally!

The announcement arrived as LAC+USC Bully Watch team members were gearing up for a large anti-bullying rally on the steps of the Hospital on the morning of May 18th. The LAC+USC Bully Watch May 18th action was the first scheduled in a long series of actions to be held at the facility, and one that also served as a kickoff for other Bully Watch actions throughout the DHS system.

Together, close to 200 frontline healthcare workers from LAC+USC marched in solidarity to 


continue raising awareness, and to show management they will continue holding them accountable and honest to their words of collaboration. The 2-hour rally filled with the chants of “Show us respect, keep your bullies in check” and “I believe that we are winning, I believe that we are winning” had the participation of frontline workers from every department, including the support of other Bully Watch members from High Desert in the Antelope Valley.

“We had this victory and it’s the first of many because we have stuck together across both LAC+USC and DHS since we launched this anti-bully campaign,” said LAC+USC NP and Bully Watch member Robin Ellis.


“LAC+USC Bully Watch members are very determined to finish this fight, and make sure that every single bully boss that is identified is truly investigated and really held accountable. Together, we will continue our fight to ensure that bullying behavior across all DHS sites is addressed.”

Because Bully Watch members have been standing up together to put LAC+USC Administrators and the bullies on notice, they delivered a major victory with major implications for every frontline worker in the DHS system. Now more than ever it’s critical that 721 members continue speaking out and not be afraid to take direct action to eradicate the bullying problem. United, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. 

This is only the beginning of more victories to come.

Pictures from the anti-bullying rally.

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