L.A. County CSW Candidates Win promotions and Retroactive Raises after Glitch

L.A. County CSW candidates fight for and win promotions and retroactive raises after DCFS personnel system computer glitch.

When problems with DCFS’s new electronic Personnel Approval Request (ePAR) computer system delayed hundreds of paired-class promotions and raises, L.A. County Children’s Social Workers used the strength of our union, SEIU 721.

As a result, DCFS management is fast-tracking a solution, and candidates will receive their promotions and a retroactive pay increase.

One of the successful candidates is Melissa Scheer, a CSW in the Pasadena office: “When the promotions and pay increases earned by Children’s Social Workers failed to materialize, we organized through our union. Now we’re getting retroactive raises,” Scheer said.


According to an email from DCFS management: “The effective date of appointment for the CSW paired-class promotion will be retroactive to 30 days from the date of the candidate’s promulgation to the applicable eligible register. As transactions are completed, retroactive compensation will be paid in a lump sum which will appear in the employee’s paycheck.”

CSWs: If you have questions or believe a deserved promotion is being held up, please contact your worksite organizer.

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