National Call-In Day: Take Action To Save The ACA

Today is National Call-In DayPlease join us in taking two actions:

First, call the Senate – 1 (866) 426 2631 – to oppose Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. He won’t save any part of the Affordable Care Act. Even coverage for preexisting conditions, and insurance for kids will go away. Click here to call.

Second, call the House of Representatives to demand they stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act unless they adopt a better plan to replace it. Otherwise they will:

· Throw our health care system into chaos.
· Rip care away from 30 million, including those with disabilities, seniors, families, and kids.
· Cause the cost of health services to skyrocket for everyone.
· Force a massive tax hike – an average of $3,800 – on middle class taxpayers.
· Eliminate 334,000 California jobs.

We set up phone banks to target key Representatives – today and in the coming weeks – please email to sign up right away!

Amid major national changes, we have taken the lead in protecting our health and jobs! On January 9, we held a town hall by telephone in defense of the Affordable Care Act with thousands of our members. The very next day, on January 10, one out of every eight calls made to Congress by SEIU, were made by the Sisters and Brothers of Local 721. We crashed Congress’ switchboard!

On January 19, when Congressman Steve Knight was in his district, we went to his office in Palmdale, and held a, “Yard Sale for Health Care,” to help launch the fundraising campaign we now need. California will lose $20 Billion because of the vote to defund the Affordable Care Act. While the Congressman didn’t participate, his staff admitted that Representative Knight voted to gut the ACA without having a plan in place to replace it. So we made sure to leave behind a massive invoice detailing the true costs of ACA repeal, from over 5 million Californians losing health coverage, to 63,000 losing their jobs in Los Angeles alone.

The Antelope Valley Press, the newspaper of record in the region, was there. Click here to read what they wrote. You can also view photos from the event, and watch a video of what occurred.

Fight the defunding and repeal of the Affordable Care Act!
9:30 AM Training First PHONE BANK 10 AM to 12 PM12 PM Lunch (Provided) Second PHONE BANK 12:30 PM to 2 PM

Please email to sign up for a phone bank shift today!

We all know that our work isn’t done. We will have a lot of tough fights ahead. But we also know – because we’ve just proven it to be true – that we are indeed stronger together. And together we win!

In Unity,

Your SEIU Local 721 Action Team