Otis College of Art and Design Part-Time Faculty Win Historic First Contract


Otis faculty won incredible 23% raises for all Otis College part-time faculty, course cancellation fees, longer appointments, the establishment of a professional development fund, and language protecting faculty employment while on creative leaves of absence.

Additionally, Otis faculty used the power of their collective voice to raise standards for everyone in the Otis community, winning landmark common-good improvements aimed at promoting diversity among faculty and students and protecting and preserving academic and artistic freedom.

“Being part of the organizing efforts and bargaining team of the Otis PT Faculty Union with my indefatigable colleagues and the team at SEIU over the last two-plus years taught me so much,” said Jess Minckley, Senior Lecturer in the Foundation Department at Otis College. “Not only did I get insight into the process of labor union organization and the structure of our educational institution, but also I learned about myself in a very deep and meaningful way through finding greater purpose as progressive cultural producer in our country’s academic industry. The persistence of hope and ultimately the agency I’ve always wanted were as much the gifts of the hard work winning our first contract and raise. I encourage all of my colleagues to join the Contract Action Committee to see for themselves what I have.”

“Collaborating with Otis faculty and administration along with SEIU partners to generate this collective bargaining agreement was a powerful life experience for me,” said Sara Daleiden, Lecturer in Otis’ MFA Public Practice program. “The process was intensive and I am proud of where we landed with the agreement which guides valuing of faculty labor and the professional exchange within the Otis community. I hope Otis faculty and administration will continue to have an in-depth dialogue to iterate on this core document, and that this agreement becomes an inspiring resource for art and other faculty in Los Angeles and nationally.”

Click Here to review a full summary of Otis faculty’s landmark first contract.

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