Over 3,000 Petitions Delivered to Riverside County Board of Supervisors

On March 21st Riverside County members delivered over 3,000 signed petitions to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to highlight how the County is prioritizing sweetheart consulting contracts (watch video) totaling almost $50 million while they propose reckless cuts at bargaining table on the backs of frontline workers.


The petitions signed by thousands of members from the Riverside University Health System, Social Services, the County jails, and other key departments, unequivocally demonstrated Riverside County members commitment to a good-faith bargaining effort during the on-going contract negotiations. Chief amongst the 721 members’ concerns voiced by the petitions is the urgent need to cut revenue waste, raise the quality of public services, restore previously cut services, and strengthen measures to improve both public and worker safety.

The March 21st action arrives at a time negotiations are getting even more contentious at the bargaining table with the County proposing cuts without abandon, and 721 members vowing to continue fighting the County Board to raise the standards at workplaces and their communities. 


This action marks the first of many of forthcoming actions where community advocates and 721 members stand firm against the County’s revenue mismanagement that’s putting communities in peril.

Stay tuned for more actions to Raise Up Riverside County!