Tri-Counties Region Gears Up to Bargain Good Contracts

Workers in Cities and District Looking to Restore Vital Services


Clockwise from top left: 721 members Antonio and Jon keeping parks running; 721 member leader Marcia Rutledge keeping Conejo parks safe; City of Thousand Oaks members at Hill Canyon Treatment plant; and City of Simi Valley members and families at a city council action.

SEIU 721 members in cities and districts across the Tri-Counties region are gearing up for bargaining campaigns to restore vital services, to make their communities healthier and safer and to win fair contracts with affordable healthcare and retirement security.

Conejo Recreation and Park District members elected a new bargaining team, along with the City of Thousand Oaks and the City of Simi Valley, where they are presently filling out comprehensive bargaining surveys.

These surveys gather priorities on items like wages and benefits and also look at ways to help lift up the larger communities where our members live and work.

When communities win, members win!