Frontline Workers Tell Governor & State Legislators to Stand With the Public Sector

On Monday, May 15, SEIU 721 members boarded a red eye bus to Sacramento, where we joined hundreds of our Sisters and Brothers from SEIU California to advocate for quality health, quality jobs, and quality services for all.

As public sector workers, we need to make sure the Governor and members of the state legislature understand that all Californians benefit from the work we do.

So we’re getting on a bus and driving through the night to go speak with our elected officials.

We’re going to make sure that they continue to support a safety net for our most vulnerable residents. And that they support the resources our communities need for quality health, quality jobs, and quality services to protect our seniors, raise up all working families, and provide future generations with equal opportunity.

We live in uncertain times. But we have faced uncertainty before. And public sector workers have always been part of the solution.

It has always been the case that those on the frontlines know better than anyone what is needed to meet community needs.

That is why we are proud to work in partnership with stakeholders here in LA County, all across the Golden State, and even across the United States. We find the best solutions by working together. We make the best of any situation by always making sure the voices of those on the frontlines are heard.

Our Union knows that those on the frontlines know better than anyone what resources are needed and how to apply them. And they make sure everyone understands this as well.

SEIU 721 can lead the way in California and across the country because we have done so before. We raised the minimum wage, expanded health care access, stood up for immigrant families, and more.

Together we will champion dignity for all. Together we will protect our most vulnerable. Together we will fight for the quality health, quality jobs, and quality services. Together we win!