Olive View Nurses Win 12-Hour Shifts in their Campaign for a Just Workplace


After a year-and-a-half effort, Olive View RNs are winning 12-hour shifts as part of their ongoing campaign to create a just workplace and establish L.A. County as the healthcare employer and provider of choice.

For years, Olive View nurses have told horror stories of back-to-back 16-hour shifts and warned how excessive reliance on overtime increases workplace stress and degrades the quality of care patients receive.

During their multi-prong campaign, RNs organized to remove a management element interfering with the shift reform, built support across units using petitions, and worked through the health agency’s labor-management partnership. So far, the Psychiatric ER, Mental Health Urgent Care, Medical Surgery 5A, Medical Surgery 5C, and the Observation Nurses Unit have won pathways toward establishing 12- hour shift schedules for their units!

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