SEIU Members Tell Rep. Knight “Your Votes Are Killing Us”

SEIU 1000 member Doryce Caballero joins the protest at Rep. Steve Knight’s office in Santa Clarita.

U.S. Congressman Steve Knight joined every other GOP congressperson in California today to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and put 24 million Americans lives in jeopardy.

SEIU members, community and advocacy groups went to Rep. Knight’s office in Santa Clarita, California to tell him that it is both immoral and unjust to tear away at our nation’s healthcare safety net in order to provide hefty tax cuts for the rich.

The Trumpcare bill will also have disastrous effects on those with pre-existing conditions and weaken women’s health services across the country. Now it’s up to the Senate to stop Trumpcare in its tracks.

“When I heard about today’s vote I knew I had to come right out to this protest,” said Doryce Caballero, an SEIU 1000 member and Member Political Organizer in Lancaster.

Doryce joined dozens of others who had heard about this flash rally and came out to deliver a message to Rep. Steve Knight – Your votes are killing us!


Rep. Steve Knight narrowly won his 2016 election running in a traditionally “red” district which is now turning purple as a result of progressive activism like this rally.

As the brilliant sign below indicates, it looks like it’s time to replace and repeal Steve Knight!



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  1. And this after Steve Knight said he wouldn’t support without a provision for those with pre-existing conditions.So they threw them a “fig-leaf” (as one commentator called it) that amounts to 8 billion dollars or $230 per person afflicted! Really!? Well that was enough for Steve to co-author. Maybe he’ll offer to pay the difference to his constituents whose premiums go up more than $230…?
    I don’t expect much from Steve Knight. But what saddens me, is that 20 Republicans across the country bucked their party’s position and voted against the repeal but NOT ONE California Republican did. Not ONE in the most progressive state in the country. And at least four of them knew better: Paul Cook, Yucca Valley 92399; Jeff Denham, Turlock 95380; David Valadao, Hanford (88,000 of his constituents will lose coverage); and Ed Royce, Fullerton 92833. I’ve included their zip codes so you can join me on the
    (866) 426-2631 call in line to tell them how disappointed we are in them and how sorry we are for their constituents. Resist!