Congress is rushing a vote on the AHCA (aka Trumpcare): Call 1-866- 426-2631 to demand a “NO” vote right away!

Don’t wait until it is too late! Call 1-866-426-2631 to demand Congress vote “NO on the AHCA right away!

Millions will lose their health coverage and hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs if it passes. Those with pre-existing conditions, including those who donate an organ or bone marrow to save someone else’s life, will pay more. Seniors will pay more. And those of us with employer provided coverage will pay more out of pocket. Even kids and Americans with disabilities will pay the price! None of us has any guarantees that we will get our health coverage back if we ever lose it, for any reason.

Call 1-866- 426-2631 to demand a “NO” vote on the AHCA! Trumpcare is a careless plan! We are all going to pay more for less! We all run the risk of being denied care!