We’re Strong and Getting Even Stronger! Riverside County Bargaining Update

For the past several weeks we’ve raised the stakes with the County of Riverside by taking action at countless worksites and demonstrating to the County that we are determined to win a fair contract that Raises Up Riverside County.

18891853_10154586606716570_2259353750925050912_o.jpgOur boldness and unity is making a difference at the table! The County is finally beginning to move off their reckless cuts agenda.

The County withdrew its proposal to eliminate both the Flex Benefits cash back and subsidies for current employees, and the opt-out option for Flex Benefits. This is a huge step in the right direction but we have to continue amplifying the pressure to get the County to stop all the takeaways they’re still proposing.

18836624_10154584104046570_8782286192488613753_o.jpgWhat the County is still proposing:

  • 0% Raise proposal
  • Reduce step rate increases from 5.42% to 2.71% 
  • Limit shift differential time frame from 7pm – 7am and half shift hours have to be worked during this time frame to qualify for shift differential 
  • RUHS employees to be sent home when Management arbitrarily feels there’s not enough patients!
  • Eliminate pre-retirement sick leave cash out
  • No Flex Benefit contribution increases


Now more than ever we must continue standing together to move the County off balancing the budget off the backs of frontline workers and the communities we serve.  Stay tuned for more upcoming actions to finally win a fair contract!

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