When we fight for our health, we win!

When tens of millions were threatened with the loss of their healthcare coverage, hundreds of thousands were threatened with the loss of their jobs, and tens of thousands were threatened with the loss of their lives, we fought back!

When we fight we win!

Last night, after proposing three different healthcare bills in the U.S. Senate — the White House and GOP Congress abandoned their push to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a plan to make the rich richer and the sick sicker:
✖ They wanted us to accept higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs for less coverage.
✖ They wanted to gut care for the disabled, seniors, working families, and even for kids, just so greedy billionaires, Big Pharma, and corporate insurance conglomerates to make more money.
✖ They wanted between 16 and 32 million Americans to lose their healthcare all together.
✖ They wanted around 334,000 Californians to lose their jobs.
✖ They wanted as many as 100,000 men, women, and children to lose their lives, each and every year.

But that’s not what WE wanted.

We won a tremendous victory by championing quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans!

The public and politicians won’t soon forget that this victory belongs to SEIU 721! 

We let the White House and GOP Congress know that we would fight for America’s health!

In November of 2016 we began our fight by organizing hundreds of people on the steps of LAC+USC. By the time of last night’s vote our members and Sisters & Brothers in this fight orchestrated hundreds of actions — in the streets, at Congressional field offices, and in the Capitol!

We maintained relentless pressure by hosting weekly phone banks to the constituents of the Senators who crossed party lines and did the right thing when it counted the most. In fact, our members mobilized and formed a diverse coalition of labor partners, community organizations, and health justice advocates that made 270,000 calls to the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate!

Thank you for all of this and so much more!

Even though this attack failed, we must hold the members of Congress who voted to gut our healthcare accountable!

Click here to join our coalition at an Our Lives Are on the Line event this Saturday, July 29! Take the pledge to become a #HealthCareVoter, and help us register, educate, and turn out concerned citizens in California and across the country in 2018!

Rise & Resist:

✔ SEIU 721 will always fight for our members, our families, and our communities, front and center.
✔ SEIU 721 will always fight to raise up all working families — at the bargaining table, in the halls of power, and in the streets.
✔ SEIU 721 will always fight for the public sector — both those who provide services, and those we serve.
✔ SEIU 721 will always fight to create and protect good, middleclass jobs with comprehensive benefits, and a voice on the job.
✔ SEIU 721 will always fight wealthy, greedy, well-connected forces who seek to take away our rights and silence our voices — whether they seek to divide and conquer us, or attempt to deceive us into surrendering our power.

We are stronger together. Together we win!

Never doubt that our Union of thoughtful, committed members can change the world.

Please call the Member Connection at 1-877-721-4968 with any questions, and to update your contact information.

In Unity,

Bob Schoonover, President SEIU 721