SEIU Local 721 President’s Report for June 2017


In accordance with our SEIU Local 721 by-laws, it is my honor as your President, to submit this report to you on our Union’s activities. To read the full report, please use this link.

Defending Workers in the Age of Trump

We’ve all seen the story time and time again of the kid picked on by the neighborhood bully who, after taking a self-defense class, fights back and wins.

With the biggest neighborhood bully of all sitting in the White House, SEIU Local 721 is putting together self-defense classes of our own for workers. One kind is the all-day Unity Summit we’re organizing for July 22nd at Saint Sophia Cathedral in Central L.A. Another is our union’s Representational Excellence Program.

Read the rest of this month’s President’s Report to find out how we’re ready to Stand Up.

Also in this President’s Report:

  • Building Fortress California – COPE Victories Will Protect Workers’ Rights
  • Bargaining Ends Victoriously with Strong Contract at L.A. County Sanitation Districts
  • SEIU 721 Celebrates Juneteenth – Juneteenth, From Broken Chains to a New Reign
  • Riverside County – Marches on Boss
  • Unity Summit – July 22, 2017 – Recommit, Rise Up, Resist!
  • Faculty Turn up the Heat at USC’s International Academy
  • Let’s Talk About Exide – SEIU 721 Members Go Door-to-Door in Southeast L.A. to Fight Environmental Injustice
  • COPE – Our Hard Work Paid Off!
  • E-Board Defending the Union
  • City of Thousand Oaks – TOCEA/SEIU 721 Bargaining- Congratulations – WE DID IT!
  • Minimum Wage Increase Kicks in and Boosts L.A. Workers
  • Recognition from the L.A. Board of Supervisors
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