More Than 1,000 Workers Picket Riverside University Hospital

Despite the County’s attempts to block some workers from striking, more than 1,000 Riverside County employees picketed for several hours outside of the Riverside University Hospital Wednesday morning – sending a strong message to management that we’re not backing down!

Riverside County Worker Strike for Safety

The picket began at 6:30 a.m. and picked up steam throughout the morning as workers from facilities across Riverside County convened at the hospital to march, chant, dance and demand with one voice that the County end the bad faith bargaining. Even as rain began to fall, the marchers kept  at it, chanting, “Rain or shine, we’re on the line!”

Riverside County Workers on the Picket Line

Management was able to hear this message loud and clear, as they spent most of the morning surveilling and harassing members who were exercising their protected right to strike, including spying on us from the roof – but we didn’t back down!

Management Spying from the Roof
Management spying from the roof.

When they heard of the challenges that we’ve been facing over the past several months, patients outside the hospital picket up picket signs themselves and marched in solidarity – including one who was still attached to an IV bag.

Patient Picketing
A patient joining the picket.

Toward the end of the picket, we were joined by former Los Angeles mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, who pledged to support us because “health and safety are rights.”

Former Mayor Villaraigosa
Former LA Mayor Villaraigosa speaking to the media.

We also enjoyed the support of Pastor Cue Jn-Marie of The Row Church and Rabbi Jonathan Klein of Clergy and Laity United For Economic Justice, who traveled all the way from Los Angeles to join our strike.

Clergy at ULP Strike
Clergy at ULP Strike.

This was just the beginning of our action packed strike days, SEIU 721 members are ready to make the County take notice during our ULP strike.

For real-time strike updates text 721RIVCO to 787-753.

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Danelle Kelley

Great turn out as I expected. Tomorrow will be even better!