Riverside County Refuses Our Request to Mediate

On the heels of our powerful strike last week we immediately made the request for the County to return to the bargaining table and negotiate. They refused.

Not only did they refuse to return to table, they also denied our request for mediation through a neutral party to help us hammer out a fair agreement.

What did the County opt to do instead? The Board of Supervisors went ahead and unanimously approved an agreement that gives the County leeway to spend up to $7 million to contract more replacement (scab) health care workers! That’s on top of the $1.6 million they already spent on health care workers during last week’s strike.

Make no mistake — we will be vigilant and continue to file charges every time the County violates labor law by refusing to bargain in good faith.

The stakes are even higher now and it’s imperative that we stay united and alert. So far, the County has 19 charges against it and there’s no telling how far they’re willing to go.

Do not hesitate to call your WSO if something doesn’t seem right in your workplace. If you are interviewed by management, you have Weingarten rights! You do not have to talk in an investigatory interview without a union rep present.

Stay tuned.

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I don’t understand how they can refuse to work with a third party? Isn’t that part of our contract? How does this ever get settled? I commented to the press enterprise article. Please be aware that the Bridge RNS at Arlington campus could do nothing but watch patients! They had no access to epic computer work or to giving even an emergency med! Our management team has difficulty placing a phone call for a pt as they have no clue how to use the system. They also haven’t dispensed meds! How can the county say that the public was safe?… Read more »


So what happens now? It seems like it’s over for us employees.