Join The Fire Zappia Tour

It’s time for Riverside County’s anti-worker attorneys at Zappia Law Firm to go! Keeping Zappia on the county payroll hurts our county workers, which hurts our entire community, so we’re rallying the community to our cause!

Over the past few weeks, members of the Riverside CAT team have been going on tour, taking the message of Zappia’s reckless behavior to city council meetings across the county.

Since the firm was hired, Zappia has consistently taken the low road – including misleading the court in order to strip workers of their legally protected right to strike! Because of this reckless behavior, the firm is now facing potential sanctions. A strong relationship between the county and the workers is what we need to truly raise up Riverside – and Zappia’s presence makes a strong relationship impossible.

Temecula Drop Zappia
Members addressing Temecula City Council

City council members understand just how much our members do to keep their communities running, so we’re calling on them to make the call and tell the Riverside Board of Supervisors to drop Zappia.

If you’re tired of the county spending tax dollars to attack its own workers, join us this week for upcoming city council meetings in Riverside and Corona. Together, we’ll make our voices heard and demand that the county drop Zappia.

Riverside City Council Meeting

Tuesday, 10/17

7 p.m.

3900 Main St.

Riverside, CA 92522
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Corona City Council Meeting

Wednesday, 10/18

6:30 p.m.

400 S Vicentia Ave.

Corona, CA 92882
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