Break Bread, Not The Budget!

Riverside County workers spread some early holiday cheer this week with a visit to the board of supervisors office.

Accompanied by Rev. Copeland of St. Paul AME, we brought a gift basket to Supervisor Chuck Washington and extended an invitation for him to break bread with us and discuss county issues face to face with members.

That wasn’t our only delivery to the board of supervisors. We also visited with Supervisor Kevin Jeffries’ staff and dropped off something special, the Turkey of the Year Award – in honor of Jeffries’ banner year of wasteful spending, putting consultants first and breaking the bank.

While we had only planned on visiting with Supervisors Washington and Jeffries, we were pleasantly surprised to also see a representative from Manny Perez’s office. We thanked him and Supervisor Perez for having the courage to always stand with county workers.

Stay tuned for updates and to see if Supervisor Washington accepts our invitation to break bread.

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